Inward Singing

I’m a huge Tenacious D fan, and even though I’m piss poor, I simply had to bust out the credit card today and pick up their second official CD The Pick Of Destiny. Unfortunately, since the album is also the official soundtrack to the Pick of Destiny movie, it’s really quite a letdown and doesn’t work as a true follow-up to the awesome first studio recording by “The D”. Hopefully, the songs will play much better when matched up with the visuals in the context of the movie. (Don’t get me wrong, there is still some laugh-out-loud hilarious shit and tasty kickass jams here, but I was just expecting a little more from Jables and Rage Kage).

Despite this minor disappointment, I can’t wait to plop down my ten bucks to see the story of the self-proclaimed “Greatest Band in the World” in theaters Wednesday, November 22nd. Before that however, I’ll be seeing James Blon–err…Bond in Casino Royaleon Friday the 17th. My two buddies are far more hyped for this than I am, but I dig most of the Bond flicks and I hear this new one is pretty badass.


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