All-Walken Update

Christopher Walken is, without a doubt, one of the greatest actors/pop-culture personalities of all-time. Whether it’s delivering one of his bone-chilling soliloquies in hardcore flicks like The Deer Hunter or True Romance, or making audiences laugh hysterically in an SNL skit like The Continental or Bruce “I Need MORE COWBELL” Dickinson, Walken has solidified his place in the Pantheon of Coolness. That having been said, I stumbled across two juicy Walken tidbits on the Internets this evening which will have all of you Walken-lovers either jumping for joy or scratching your heads in utter disbelief. For me, it was a little of both.

First up, click here for the trailer for BALLS OF FURY, in which Walken plays a pseudo-Asian crimelord who hosts underground ping-pong tournaments. Yes, you heard me right, he basically plays a whacked-out version of the Han character from the Bruce Lee classic Enter The Dragon. It looks pretty decent, but the guy they got to play the ping pong champion recruited to infiltrate Walken’s tournament is a complete Jack Black clone (I’m sure they tried to get him first but he was probably off shooting the Tenacious D movie).

The second bit of Walken casting is even more bizarre than his role in Balls of Fury, if you can believe it. Yep, that’s right kids, ol’ Chris is lending his trademark stilted dialogue and bizarre inflections to the Prince of Darkness himself…OZZY OSBOURNE!!! But wait, there’s more, the actual project he’s doing it for is….oh man, this is just too good to ruin. Click here to see for yourself. This is going to be genius. Thank God for Christopher Walken.


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