Plot Summary: Shrek and Princess Fiona are enjoying their honeymoon and are about to live happily ever after, until they return home to the swamp to discover some royal heralds on their doorstep. Fiona’s parents, the King and Queen of the kingdom of “Far Far Away” have invited the newlyweds to the castle for a grand celebration of their nuptials. The King and Queen, however, have no clue their daughter has been permanently changed into an Ogre, or that she’s bringing home the meanest and greenest of them all to the sqeaky-clean fantasy land of Far Far Away. With the always comical Donkey along for the ride, Fiona and Shrek run into some trouble in the form of a duplicitous Fairy Godmother, her obnoxiously vain son Prince Charming, and the deadliest feline assassin in the land, Puss-In Boots.

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Plot Summary: Loosely adapted from Homer’s ancient Greek epic poem The Iliad, Troy tells the story of the power hungry Greek King Agamemmnon, and his efforts to unite the kingdoms of Greece under his rule. With the help of Achilles, the greatest and most brutal warrior on Earth, Agamemmnon conquers the last of his opposers. Meanwhile, Agamemmnon’s brother Menelaeus of Sparta, holds a peace celebration with Prince Hector of Troy, a kingdom across the Agean Sea with whom the Spartans had warred for decades. At the feast, Hector’s brother Paris seduces Menelaeus’ wife Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world. Paris stows Helen away on the Trojan ships as they make their way back to Troy, infuriating Hector. Menelaeus, furious at Helen and Paris’ betrayal, demands vengeance and the utter destruction of Troy. His brother Agamemmnon, his thirst for power unsatiated, offers “all the warriors of Greece” to help conquer the Trojans. Achilles, Ulysses, and other Greek heroes reluctantly join King Agamemmnon and set sail for Troy with a thousand ships, ready for the greatest war in history.

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